Home Health Value Based Purchasing | 8 Part Program

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[3740] Home Health Value Based Purchasing | 8 Part Program
All about HH VBP in this 7-hour specially-priced program.

-> SAVE $30 <- Delivers 7 hours of HCSSA Admin CE and Nurse CE for the price of 6 Hours!

Presentation Info:

  • TAHC&H Event | Fall Virtual Conference | Recorded for On-Demand Access
  • Presentation Date | October 19-20, 2022

Package Description: This specially-priced program includes eight (8) corresponding presentations by seven (7) different industry experts who provide insight and instruction on Home Health Value Based Purchasing. It delivers seven (7) hours of TX HCSSA Administrator CE and Nurse CE. A description on each of the eight presentations is listed below.

Program Title & Description: History of VBP: How We Got Here and the VBP Expansion
As the world of Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) expands from nine states to all 50 states, agencies are left struggling to understand how their quality will be measured against other agencies and how this model will affect their reimbursement. This session will discuss the history of the quality journey and how we’ve arrived here with the expansion of HHVBP.
TAHC&H Presenter: Lisa McClammy, BSN, RN, COS-C, HCS-D, HCS-O, MAC Legacy
About the Presenter: Lisa McClammy has more than 24 years of nursing experience in various areas of healthcare. She currently holds certifications in OASIS-D, and ICD 10 coding. Lisa is a Senior Clinical Education Consultant for MAC Legacy. She has presented for various state associations and well as conducting training and education on a variety of topics. Her experience as a consultant, Director of Customer Success for a Home Health Software company, and Director of Patient Care and Alternate Administrator for a home health agency give her a unique perspective and an understanding of the challenges home care agencies face. Lisa is an active member of the Texas Association of Home Care & Hospice for the last 6 years, serving on both the Medicare/Medicaid and Clinical Practice committees.

Program Title & Description: Understanding the Pieces: How the Pieces Fit into the Pie
Does the upcoming 2023 Value-Based Purchasing overwhelm you? This session will help you understand the pieces of VBP and make sense of how they fit together to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. Learn how the VBP measures will impact your Total Performance Score and ultimately, your financial reimbursement. Key topics of discussion will include VBP terminology, cohort assignment, OASIS-based measures, Claims-based measures, HHCAHPS measures, and important areas for agencies to focus on. This session provides an important base of VBP knowledge that will be the foundation for the following sessions!
TAHC&H Presenter: Jennifer Amheiser,RN, BSN, HealthCare ConsultLink
About the Presenter: Jennifer Amheiser has over 29 years of healthcare experience serving in acute care and community settings. As Director of Education Services at HealthCare ConsultLink, she coordinates the home health, hospice, and PAS educational events and also manages the online educational portal, EducationLink, set to be launched in a few short months. As a consultant with HCL, she assisted numerous agencies with QAPI processes, emergency preparedness plans, due diligence surveys, and start-ups. Jennifer especially enjoys educating agencies and helping with measures that directly impact patient care.

Program Title & Description: Quality Measures: OASIS-based Measures
Delve into the 5 OASIS based quality measures that will be used to determine achievement and improvement points. Learn details of each OASIS item and discuss strategies on how to implement needed changes and improvement.
TAHC&H Presenter: Kristie Meers, RN, BSN, CHPN, Careficient

Program Title & Description: Quality Measures: Claims-Based and HHCAHPS Based Measures
Gain knowledge into the use of the 5 HHCAHPS based measures and the 2 Claims based measure that factor into the calculations for your ultimate episodic reimbursement. You will receive details on each OASIS item and discuss strategies on how to implement needed changes and improvement.
TAHC&H Presenter: Kristie Meers, RN, BSN, CHPN, Careficient
About the Presenter: Kristie Meers has led an impressive career as a Clinical and Regulatory/Quality Management Leader in her 33 years working in the Nursing field. Serving as the Vice President of Clinical & Regulatory at Careficient plays a major role in ensuring quality compliance throughout the Careficient EMR, providing education to agencies on new regulation and common deficiencies, and bridging the gap between CMS requirements and agency documentation to assist agencies in documenting toward regulation. Prior to her current role at Careficient, Kristie worked as Director of Clinical Practices, helping our Home Health and Hospice agencies to transition to a new EMR while providing education on important and commonly cited regulations. Before joining the Careficient team, she was an Accreditation Surveyor at CHAP from 2015 to 2018. Kristie also opened a consulting company for Home Health and Hospice in 2016. Prior to 2015 she was Regional Hospice Quality Compliance Coordinator for Allegheny Health Network & Celtic Health Joint Venture. From 2010 to 2014 Kristie was the Executive Director/Director of Clinical Services for Aseracare Hospice.

Program Title & Description: Coming Full Circle: Strategies and Tools to Prepare for VBP
Now that you have been equipped with invaluable morsels of knowledge on VBP, learn how you need to take these morsels and strategize by leveraging technology. What types of tools and strategies are going to help us raise your game to the next level?
TAHC&H Presenter: Naomi Goldapple, AlayaLabs
About the Presenter: Naomi Goldapple has the unique experience of being both a start-up entrepreneur and a seasoned business executive. Naomi is currently the Vice President of AlayaLabs at AlayaCare, an end-to-end home care software solution. Her mandate is to support AlayaCare’s innovation strategy through applied research in machine learning and optimization applications.

Program Title & Description: The Reimbursement Impact: Position Yourself to Thrive
HHVBP has the capacity to impact every agency’s Medicare reimbursement by up to 5%, positively or negatively, to payments in 2025. How agencies react and operate beginning January 1, 2023 will drive success for your future. This session will help you navigate the model’s complex language to understand episodic reimbursement as well as give you real life experiences and data on how the initial nine (9) states faired during the demonstration project.
TAHC&H Presenter: Brian Lebanion, MBA, CPC, RN, HCS-O, HCS-D, Wipfli, LLC
About the Presenter: Brian Lebanion has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and provides consulting services for all aspects of home health care and hospice, including operations, reimbursement and education. He specializes in comprehensive consulting services offering clients and providers survey/licensure coaching, clinical review and training, financial and revenue cycle management, third-party audit response, and quality assurance/performance improvement training.

Program Title & Description: Best Practices: The Role of Chronic Disease Management in VBP
This session reviews the importance of chronic disease management to improve the likelihood of success under HHVBP. You will learn strategies you can implement to improve your disease management programs, including the use of telehealth, remote patient monitoring and appropriate visit utilization. The impact of these strategies and their relation to HHVBP metrics are discussed so you can better understand where to focus efforts.
TAHC&H Presenter: Charles Breznicky Jr, RN, MSN, MBA, HCS-D, SimiTree
About the Presenter: Charles Breznicky Jr has been in the Healthcare industry since 2002; he joined SimiTree in 2015 after working for several home health agencies as a Field Nurse, Performance Improvement and Compliance Specialist, Clinical Manager and Health Information Systems Manager. He is currently a Director on the Clinical Operations team at SimiTree and has assisted agencies to develop QAPI Programs, prepare for surveys, succeed under the Review Choice Demonstration, adapt to the changes to the Home Health Conditions of Participation and the Patient Driven Groupings Model and prepare for Value Based Purchasing.

Program Title & Description: Connecting the Pieces: Navigating Performance Feedback Reports
How do you gather data to read and understand any and all feedback reports? Success with the Home Health Value Based Purchasing program will require data-driven strategies to prioritize improvement efforts to optimize each agency’s Total Performance Score. Learn how to navigate performance reports to leverage data for your agency’s improvement efforts.
TAHC&H Presenter: John Rabbie, PT, DPT, MS, MBA, COS-C, SimiTree
About the Presenter: John Rabbia brings over a decade of home health operations leadership experience and provides a balance of both clinical and operational expertise. As a consultant with SimiTree Healthcare Consulting, John has worked with agencies across the country to use their data to drive strategic improvement efforts for financial and operational indicators.

HCSSA Topic(s) Addressed:

  • §558.259[d][4]agency responsibilities
  • §558.260[a][3]basic principles of management in a licensed health-related setting
  • §558.260[a][7]financial management

Education-Training Credits:

  • TX HCSSA Administrator/Alternate Continuing Education
    • 7.0 Clock Hr(s)
  • Continuing Education for Nurses
    • 7.0 Clock Hr(s)
    • This program awards CNE until 10.20.2024

Texas HCSSA CE Approval Statement
This program meets continuing education requirements for Administrators and Alternates under Texas HCSSA licensing regulations.

Nurse CE Approval Statement
Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by Louisiana State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. LSNA Provider No. 4002151

Requirements for Successful Completion
To receive continuing education credits for this online presentation participant must view the entire online presentation, complete an evaluation, and post-test attestation.

Reporting of Perceived Bias
Bias, as defined by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC COA/LSNA) is the “tendency or inclination to cause partiality, favoritism, or influence.” Commercial bias may occur when a CNE activity promotes one or more product(s) (drugs, devices, services, software, hardware, etc.). This definition is not all inclusive and participants may use their own interpretation in deciding if a presentation is biased. The ANCC COA is interested in the opinions and perceptions of participants at approved CNE activities, especially in the presence of actual or perceived bias in continuing education. Therefore, ANCC invites participants to access their “ANCC Accreditation Feedback Line” to report any noted bias or conflict of interest in the education activity. The toll free number is 1(866) 262-9730.

[3740] Home Health Value Based Purchasing | 8 Part Program

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