Cultural Leadership Awareness: What is this “New” WAVE of Leadership?


[3545] Cultural Leadership Awareness: What is this “New” WAVE of Leadership?
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Presentation Info:

  • TAHC&H Event | 52nd Annual Meeting & Conference | Recorded for On-Demand Access
  • Presentation Date | September 13, 2021

Education-Training Credits:

  • TX HCSSA Administrator/Alternate Continuing Education
    • 2.00 Clock Hr(s)

CE Approval Statements:
· This program meets continuing education requirements for Administrators and Alternates under Texas HCSSA licensing regulations.

HCSSA Topic(s) Addressed:

  • §558.259[d][4]agency responsibilities
  • §558.260[a][3]basic principles of management in a licensed health-related setting
  • §558.260[a][8]skills for working with clients, families, and other professional service providers

Program Description: As leaders “We Achieve, are Versatile, Encouraged, and Successful.” “We” represents unity, togetherness, and innovation. “Versatility” brings out our creativity and flexibility that represents great leadership skills. “Encourage” yourself to be great, to be better, and to grow your leadership skills. Also encourage those around you: your co-workers, your subordinates, and teams. Celebrate your “success” as a leader because it is hard work and requires additional strength and perseverance. Strive to “Achieve” beyond the day-to-day operations business. As leaders, we must also be diverse in thought and deliberate in practice. As leaders, we must push the boundaries to new heights. As leaders, we must also be resilient. To navigate unchartered territory, you will need some tools to ensure progress along the way. Here are 5 Steps to Journey Forward. So, let’s ride the WAVES together…Learn how to:

  • WIDEN your lens - See what you don’t know
  • APPRECIATE others - We can’t go it alone. Engage and involve = inclusion
  • VALUE your Leadership skills- “When you know better, you do better.” Lead like a rock star.
  • ENGAGE in “healthy” dialogue - Get comfortable being uncomfortable and embrace difficult conversations.
  • SUSTAINABILITY practices improve progress - Two factors to explore: Social responsibility and external relationships.

TAHC&H Faculty/Presenter(s): Anita Foster-Horne, MSW, Ph.D., Fostering Healthy Solutions, Master Caregiver Company

About the Presenter(s):
A Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership qualifies Dr. Anita as an expert in management and leadership. An undergraduate and a Master’s in Social Work adds to her educational advancement and knowledge of the social effects of equality. As a Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Anita is also qualified as a motivator for professional and individual growth, intelligence, professionalism, ethical values, leadership skills, and educational creativity. These are a few of the extraordinary attributes Dr. Anita exhibits as a speaker, teacher, mentor, trainer, coach, and motivator. With over 25 years of leadership experience, Dr. Anita believes inclusion starts with diversity. In-Depth knowledge of federal and state regulations allow Dr. Anita to train on policy and procedures at multiple levels. A resume holding positions of administrator, director, owner, and operator of several organizations across her career makes Dr. Anita’s character and personality can be defined as an overall professional in leadership, management, and simply hands-on in employee oversight.

[3545] Cultural Leadership Awareness: What is this “New” WAVE of Leadership?

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