Emergency Preparedness - Are You Really Prepared?


[488] Emergency Preparedness - Are You Really Prepared?

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Faculty: Dionne-Vahalik

Presented by Michelle Dionne-Vahalik. The new state emergency preparedness rules were final in January 2008 and contained the most extensive revisions to this rule in eight years. Agencies need to ensure policies are up-to-date. This session presents an overview of the rules to help your agency understand the changes that must occur to be compliant. In addition, DADS presents a brief insight into the Governor’s task force on disaster preparedness and how that task force affected the development of the home care emergency preparedness rules.

A recommended program for addressing the following required topic(s) of TX §97.259( d )

  • [6] Emergency Preparedness
  • Education-Training Credits:

    • 1.5 Hr(s) HCSSA Administrator/Alternate

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