12 Hour Prepaid Annual CE for Administrators


[12HR_ADMINCE_PREPAID] 12 Hour Prepaid Annual CE for Administrators
Order prepaid training to satisfy the 12 hour annual CE requirement for administrators. Choose online programs from our extensive library.

Item Description: When you order this item you will receive a coupon code good for 12 hours of Texas HCSSA Administrative CE training. Simply browse the HCIN Store for programs, add them to a cart and apply the coupon code. Use the code for yourself or provide it to an administrative staff member. Now it's even easier for administrative staff to browse and select the programs they want and need when convenient - and without tracking down a form of payment!

Here's How It Works:

  • Place this Item in your Cart
    • During checkout indicate who is to receive the email with the coupon code.
  • We generate a coupon code and email it.
  • When ready, browse and select 12 hours of annual CE programs. At checkout, enter the coupon code to apply a $360.00 credit.


  • Do I need to choose all 12 hours at once?
    • You can order less than 12 hours on your first order. We will recalculate your credit balance and email you a new coupon code. Your next order must use the remaining balance in full.
  • What if my program selections exceed the $360 amount?
    • Once the credit is applied, any amount due will be shown. That amount can be paid during checkout using a credit/debit card or PayPal account.

Questions? Contact HCIN directly if you have any questions!

[12HR_ADMINCE_PREPAID] 12 Hour Prepaid Annual CE for Administrators

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