An Overview Of The CMS Preclusion List


[W3378] An Overview Of The CMS Preclusion List
As if the federal and state exclusions lists weren’t enough, CMS has now created a “Preclusion List” that is different from existing exclusions databases.

TAHC&H WEBINAR: This webinar was presented on 03/04/2020 and is now available for on-demand access.

Presentation Info:

  • Presentation Date: March 4, 2020
  • TAHC&H Event: TAHC&H Monthly Webinars

Education-Training Credits:

  • TX HCSSA Administrator/Alternate Continuing Education
    • 1.0 Clock Hr
CE Approval Statements:
· This program meets continuing education requirements for Administrators and Alternates under Texas HCSSA licensing regulations.

HCSSA Topic(s) Addressed:

  • §558.259[d][4]agency responsibilities
  • §558.260[a][6]risk assessment and management
  • §558.260[a][7]financial management

Program Description: As if the federal and state exclusions lists weren’t enough, CMS has now created a “Preclusion List” that is different from existing exclusions databases. The CMS preclusion list is a register of all health care providers, suppliers, and prescribers who are precluded from receiving reimbursement for Medicare Advantage items and services or Part D drugs that are provided or prescribed to Medicare beneficiaries. CMS has established the preclusion list in an effort to better ensure patient safety and to protect the integrity of the Medicare Trust Funds from the actions of providers and prescribers that have been identified as “bad actors.” In this session attorneys Robert Liles and Paul Weidenfeld will discuss:

  • the genesis of this list,
  • how an entity is placed on the list
  • and what information is available about those who are on the CMS Preclusion List.

This webinar recording is 60 minutes and includes a brief Q & A session.

Program Learning Outcome: Participants will identify key components related to the CMS Preclusion List.

TAHC&H Faculty/Presenters: Robert Liles, JD and Paul Weidenfeld, JD | Liles Parker Attorneys & Counselors at Law

About the Presenter:
Robert Liles'
background is somewhat unique. In addition to a law degree, he holds a Master’s in Health Care Administration.  Robert has worked on the provider side, as a federal prosecutor and now represents home health and hospice agencies around the country in connection with Medicare and Medicaid audits and investigations. While working as a federal prosecutor, he was asked to serve as the first National Health Care Fraud Coordinator for the DOJ’s, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys. In this capacity, he advised prosecutors around the country regarding health care fraud statutes, schemes, investigative tools, privacy concerns, and compliance issues. Robert is a nationally-recognized speaker and educator on health law regulatory issues.  He has taught and lectured at regional and national conferences, seminars and webinars to federal and state prosecutors, auditors, industry representatives, providers and suppliers on a variety of regulatory issues.

About the Presenter:
Paul Weidenfeld
brings a unique perspective to False Claims Act cases, Fraud Investigations and Qui Tam, or whistleblower, lawsuits which is partly the result of his rare combination of having BOTH extensive litigation experience (more than 50 trials and 25 appellate) AND subject matter expertise (10 years as a fraud prosecutor, 2 years as the DOJ Healthcare Fraud Coordinator, and experience as a partner in a major healthcare law firm). Virtually every litigation decision in these complex cases requires an understanding of the persons and agencies involved, an understanding of the law, and an ability to predict how the litigation will actually evolve in the legal system — and there is no one better suited to help in this process. Finally, Paul’s experiences have taught him that there is no one-size-fits-all in the world of settlement or conflict resolution, and he is well known for his ability to find innovative solutions to difficult litigation problems.

[W3378] An Overview Of The CMS Preclusion List

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