I Need to Grieve Too!


[PGM2171] I Need to Grieve Too!

Summary: Bereavement support should not be limited to patients and families...staff need support as well.

HCSSA Topic(s) Addressed:

  • §558.259[d][4]agency responsibilities
  • §558.260[a][2]development and interpretation of agency policies
  • §558.260[a][5]quality improvement
  • §558.260[a][8]skills for working with clients, families, and other professional service providers

Faculty: Johnson, Donald

Program Description: Patient and family bereavement is the preeminent form for support provided during the Hospice stay and afterwards. But what about the clinicians who are working with families everyday? Where does the Hospice staff go? This program examines Hospice bereavement and the needs and effectiveness of the different levels of bereavement care with a focus on the day to day needs of bereavement support for the staff.

Program Objectives: Upon completion of this program, the viewer will be able to:

  • Describe clinicians’ grief response to the death of a patient.
  • Compare different models of grief.
  • Discuss strategies to help clinicians deal with grief.
  • Apply a stress practicum.

About the Presenter: Rev. Donald K. Johnson, SJE, OSL, CFBC, PCS is the Anglican Vicar of St. Anthony’s of Padua. Don has pastored for over 15 years in rural settings in central Texas, and in urban settings with the homeless of South Dallas for the past 9 years. For the past seven years, Don has been involved with several hospices, and currently he is with Brentwood Hospice as Senior Chaplain, Community Liaison and Marketing. Reverend Johnson is a Lifetime Member of the National Certified Chaplains Association and is a member of the American Bereavement Association.

Education-Training Credits:

  • 1.25 Hr(s) HCSSA Administrator/Alternate

[PGM2171] I Need to Grieve Too!

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