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COVID-19 Guidance: TX Health & Human Services

For those of you who missed the TX HHS and TAHC&H webinars, the HHSC Guidance recordings can be streamed to your device from the links below.

HHSC HCSSA Regulatory Relief; COVID-19 Guidance; March 23.

HHSC HCSSA Regulatory Relief; COVID-19 Guidance; March 24.

Both recordings cover the same content; however, some of the Q & A may be different.

We also recommend TAHC&H’s COVID-19 Home Care & Hospice Resource Page.

All 70 Programs Released in 2020 are currently available!

For the last 14 years, HCIN & TAHC&H have collaborated to provide you a comprehensive library of HHS-approved administrator CE programs.

Click below to find all 70 programs for Texas HCSSA Administrators that were created and released in 2020. Handy filters help you focus on additional CE types, other years/events and topics you want.

Did You Know? Over the last three years over 60 programs per year have been released for HCSSA administrators and Alternates. Check back often to see what’s new for 2021!

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