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Each of these programs have been peer-reviewed for quality & relevance with content specifically chosen to fulfill HCSSA Administrator and Alternate Administrator Training requirements.

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RCD Training: CHHA's

A Limited Time Offer!

The program "RCD Review Choice Demonstration Training for TX CHHA's", presented by Palmetto GBA, details important information about RCD and the selection process.

Palmetto GBA is only making this presentation available until Wednesday, July 24th. To access the program, you must place your order before midnight of 7/24.  All orders will receive a 30-day access period.  Don't miss the opportunity for unique insights on the upcoming RCD process.

New! CE Reminders

We got carried away. While rebuilding our store we also created a [free] CE Reminder feature for you. Available very soon - we're applying the finishing touches.

It's all about helping you comply with administrator training requirements. Deadlines are easy to forget when you're busy – you've told us.

So that's why we're creating this new service. Sign up and we will send you reminders - by email, text or both - on a schedule of your choice. You can stop at any time.

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